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Our Story

Unicorn Wednesdays started because Misty’s Grandma needed to laugh.

After losing her husband, Misty’s grandma was very sad… so Misty and her friends decided to be silly and post a bunch of unicorns on her Facebook wall to make her smile.  It worked! 

Unicorn Wednesdays became a weekly thing… and eventually they caught on.  

Grandma’s gone now too, but we all still need smiles… so here we are.  🙂 

Latest Videos

  • Week 75

    Fishing with Fiona!

  • Week 74

    The PlayDoh Bunny and some Sass from Dash

    Unicorn Wednesday Week 74 - The Play-Doh Bunny and some Sass from Dash

  • Week 73

    The Cat Lamp!

    Unicorn Wednesday Week 73 - The Cat Lamp!

  • Week 72


    Unicorn Wednesday Week 72 - Bead-atrix!

  • Week 71


    Unicorn Wednesday Week 71 - The Straw-berry

  • Week 70

    Max Maven's Currency Blackjack!


    Unicorn Wednesday Week 70 - Max Maven’s Currency Blackjack

  • Week 69

    Dyno's Money Machine

    Unicorn Wednesday Week 69 - Dyno's Money Machine!

  • Week 68

    The Floating Cup

    Jeff McBride's Coin Magic

  • Week 67

    A Piggy Bank Puzzle!

    Unicorn Wednesday Week 67 - The Piggy Bank Puzzle!

  • Week 66

    Coffee Time with Voice Actor Brock Powell!

    Unicorn Wednesday Week 66 - Coffee Time with Voice Actor Brock Powell!

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