Week 89 – Christmas Punch with Lennon

Week 89

Christmas Punch with Lennon

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Celebrate everything! Wishing you the happiest end-of-year ever from all of us at Unicorn Wednesday!

This magic trick was one of the very first Misty learned, and was given to her by Michigan magician Scorpio (Roland Leone) almost twenty years ago. Watch and enjoy as Lennon helps wish you a Very Merry with a hole punch and some creativity!

Misty Lee is a magician and actor based in Los Angeles.  You can learn more about her here:  www.mistylee.com , see a list of her recent work here:  www.imdb.me/mistylee and find her on instagram at @magicalmistylee

Unicorn Wednesday is a weekly magic series conceived by Misty Lee and magician/inventor Bizzaro.  A new trick is released every week.  See more episodes and enjoy our online activities by visiting www.unicornwednesday.com

Special thanks to the brilliant Bizzaro, Liz, Lennon, Bryan, and a very special thank you to Scorpio, whose influence helped develop Misty’s entire career.  

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