Week 102 – Jeff McBride’s Card Manipulation

Week 102

Jeff McBride’s Card Manipulation

Jeff McBride is known around the world for his magical Master Class wherein he elevates the art of magic by teaching magicians how to enhance their abilities and their shows.  He’s also known as the ‘Show Doctor’ –  magicians all over call Jeff for help refining their acts!  To find out more about Master Magician Jeff McBride, please visit his website:  www.mcbridemagic.com

Jeff is a MULTI Guiness World Record holder, and is admired in the Magic Community for his spectacular sleight of hand.  He’s a card wizard, and can toss cards for unbelievable lengths!  Watch Jeff play with the pasteboards on today’s Unicorn Wednesday!

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Shot on Location at McBride Mansion in Las Vegas by Bizzaro.

Special thanks to Bizzaro, Dyno Staats, and of course the magnificent Jeff McBride!

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