Week 103 – Easter Fools

Week 103

Easter Fools

Every time Misty tries to color eggs… well, let’s just say she doesn’t have the best of luck.  To try it in front of the Unicorn Wednesday Cameras on April Fools Day?  With Bizzaro?  Perhaps she ENJOYS the trouble.

Yep!  You guessed it!  Bizzaro the Unicorn joins Misty Lee today for an Easter twist on Gustavo Raley’s ‘Cocktail’.

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Special thanks to the brilliant Bizzaro, Liz, Lennon, Bryan, and Bizzaro the Unicorn, who gets his own credit because it’s important everybody sees this.  😉

Shot on location at Mad Little Raven Studios in Los Angeles, CA by Bizzaro.

Music used with permission – license purchased through Pond 5.

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