Week 81 – The Haunted Candle

Week 81

The Haunted Candle

A message appears from the Boogeyman… and things take a mysterious turn.  Happy Haunted Halloween from all of us at Unicorn Wednesday!

Sometimes Misty buys old magic tricks on the internet and hangs on to them in case they’ll be useful for a future Unicorn Wednesday.  That’s definitely the case with this candle trick!  Stick around for the ending of this one – it’s worth it.  Bizzaro and Misty had to do a LOT of research and development to get the ending to look just right, so if you like it, please let them know!

Misty Lee is a female magician based in Los Angeles.  She has performed the Houdini Séances at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, and has been collecting creepy things since she was a very little girl.  You can learn more about her here. 

Unicorn Wednesday is a weekly magic series conceived by Misty Lee and magician/inventor Bizzaro.  A new trick is released every week.  See more episodes and enjoy our online activities by subscribing and enjoying our playlists!

Bizzaro and Misty often magic consult for private clients.  If you are interested in hiring them, please contact them via the contact form on the very bottom of the page at our website:  unicornwednesday.com

Shot on location at Mad Little Raven Studios in Glendale, CA by Bizzaro.

Special thanks to the brilliant Bizzaro, Liz, Lennon, Bryan, James, Alex, and to Jim Rawlins – the original owner of this candle.

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