Week 84 – Rolling Dice with TJ Storm!

Week 84

Rolling Dice with TJ Storm!

TJ Storm is renowned for his action acting, so the staff decided to play a little game with Misty.  They’ve printed an ‘action’ on the back of every card on Misty’s display.  TJ will roll a die, and whatever he rolls… they’ll do.  What will happen?  Watch and see!

TJ Storm and Misty Lee worked together (in those fun suits with the dots on them!) on the MoCap/PCap (Motion Capture/Performance Capture) stage for the Star Wars Video Game Jedi: Fallen Order.  Together, they brought the character Ninth Sister to life!

TJ Storm is an American Stuntman and Action Actor.  Best known for his recent Performance Capture portrayals of Godzilla and Darth Vader (in King of the Monsters and Darth Vader Immortal), he has also lent his expert movement to well-known characters The Predator, lron Man, and Rocket Raccoon!  To see more of TJ’s work, please visit his IMDb:  www.imdb.com/name/nm0832622

Misty Lee is a magician and voice actress who has played fun roles on BOTH sides of the Force – she was Princess Leia in Star Wars Battlefront I and II, and now lends her voice to Ninth Sister in Jedi: Fallen Order.   To find out more about Misty’s stable of characters, please visit her on IMDb:

Unicorn Wednesday is a weekly magic series conceived by Misty Lee and magician/inventor Bizzaro.  A new trick is released every week.  See more episodes and enjoy our online activities by subscribing and enjoying our playlists!

Shot on location at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA by Bizzaro. Special thanks to the brilliant Bizzaro, Liz, Lennon, Bryan, Alex, Ben Roman, Tom Stone, and of course to the fantastically talented TJ Storm!

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